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From the LockerRoom to the BoardRoom, the Selking Performance Group helps individuals, teams, and organizations Build Championship Mindsets that synergize people, purpose, and systems to achieve performance excellence.


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The Selking Performance Group emphasizes the power of Mindset and Leadership to drive lasting change in individual lives, athletic teams, businesses, and organizations. A general systems approach highlights our belief that everything within one’s life, team, or organization is connected, and thus should be considered when seeking sustainable results.


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Keynotes are customized to your team or business to shift paradigms of thought, ignite a spark in your organization, and begin building championship mindsets.


From mindset to leadership, training workshops bring the power of performance psychology to life in your team or business.


With sustainable performance excellence as the goal, we analyze current state operations, develop future state aspirations, and Build Championship Mindsets to close the gap to excellence.

Dr. Amber Selking of “Selking Performance Group” shares performance insights with the Notre Dame Lacrosse team at a networking event held in Denver, Colorado, USA.

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