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Amber Selking, PhD

Founder, Performance Consultant

Dr. Amber Selking is a performance consultant and the founder of the Selking Performance Group. She works to emphasize the power of Mindset and Leadership to drive lasting change in businesses, on athletic teams, and in individual lives.

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Dr. Selking’s dynamic and individualized approach to enhancing performance helps clarify vision, create championship team cultures, and achieve sustainable results. She received her PhD in applied sport psychology, with an emphasis in positive psychology and the effect of brain functioning on performance. Her research and applied work revolve around human performance including leadership, mindset development, transitions, masculinity, and mental toughness. From the LockerRoom to the BoardRoom, Dr. Selking is committed to helping teams and organizations build systems that are conducive to performance excellence and Building Championship Mindsets in your people!

Terry Linhart, PhD

Bussiness Performance Coach

Dr. Terry Linhart has been training and coaching leaders for over 25 years. His coaching success has grown to include leaders in sports franchises, mission-driven businesses, and NGOs. 


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From his position as the Dean of a Graduate Studies program to his background in research and consulting, Terry’s leadership, experience in business and sports, and his wisdom & reputation as a careful listener, have contributed to his recognized effectiveness with clients. Dr. Terry helps clients with transitions, strategies, systems, and personal coaching, and his positive approach helps clients like you see immediate returns in performance and personal solutions as you are Building Championship Mindsets!

Kaelene Curry, MA, LPC

Mental Performance Coach

Kaelene Curry is mental performance coach for athletes of all ages, from aspiring youth to professionally competing athletes. Her experiences as a Division I college softball and assistant coach has afforded her an intricate understanding of both competition and coaching others to deliver when it matters most.

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Kaelene also serves as a mental health counselor and a psychological health liaison in a college athletic department. She has discovered that what goes on between the ears can often make or break” an athlete’s career and overall athletic experience; thus, her goal is to help make” successful careers by breaking” down the mental game and Building Championship Mindsets!

Jeff Ruser, M.A.

Mental Performance Coach

Jeff Ruser is a mental performance coach passionate about working with competitive athletes at the youth, collegiate, amateur, and professional levels. Jeff’s backgrounds in mental performance and counseling psychology afford him a unique perspective to utilize in coming alongside athletes to help them achieve their biggest goals and thrive in their everyday lives.

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His experiences as a mental performance coach include work within high school and Division I collegiate athletic departments as well as consultation with professional athletes. In these roles, Jeff has seen mental preparation separate those who settle for good and those who strive for greatness. In addition to athlete mental performance consultation, Jeff has served as a consultant to coaches who seek to refine their own mental performance and instill a culture of excellence within their teams. Jeff aims to make high quality mental performance a consistent reality for those who seek it through Building Championship Mindsets!

Cristin Wipfler, MPH, RDN

Performance Nutritionist

Cristin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in Public Health focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.  She practices an integrative and holistic approach that is specific to each individual’s needs and is focused on properly fueling the body with real food and healthy practices.  

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Cristin works closely with her clients to learn their story, understand their health and nutrition needs, and together, create a plan that reflects the client’s goals, individual life style practices, and available resources. She is known for co-creating a playbook for your personal nutritional success while Building Championship Mindsets around fueling our bodies well.

Todd Maners

Bussiness Performance Coach

Todd Maners brings over 17 years of experience empowering organizations to transform themselves through the efficient and effective deployment of people, processes, and technology. Todd’s career history includes roles as both an internal human capital leader and external talent consultant

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… offering him a breadth of knowledge in organizational talent strategy & design, change management, and technology selection & implementation. As an avid fitness enthusiast and passionate entrepreneur, he’s also used his competitive drive to launch multiple successful and profitable businesses.  He’s here to help you strategically & fiercely pursue your personal and professional objectives as you are Building Championship Mindsets!

Tasha Trujillo, PhD, LPC, NCC


Dr. Tasha Trujillo is a counseling psychologist with a passion for working with student-athletes, teams, coaches, and athletics personnel to provide comprehensive and informed resources for student-athletes’ mental well-being. She has served in collegiate athletics departments, where she worked with individual student-athletes …

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… struggling with a variety of mental health diagnoses, provided team consultation to coaches and teammates to learn to support those with mental health struggles, and more. Outside of athletics, she also specializes in grief/loss, non-suicidal self-injury, identity development, trauma, and multicultural considerations. Dr. Trujillo strives to normalize the importance of mental health as a vital wellness component to athletes’ success and to Build Championship Mindsets!

Kelli Zeese

Director of Operations and Mental Performance Coach


Kelli brings a strong operational and logistics background to SPG. Having served in that space both on the team side and as an administrator, her experience ranges from managing all operations for a collegiate baseball team to hosting larger post-season championship events.
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Kelli is currently completing a master’s in performance psychology in pursuit of becoming a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC). Her wide range of event knowledge brings coordination and collaboration to the daily operations with the objective of tapping into the team’s individual and collective potential as they Build Championship Mindsets!



Michael Yoder, M.M.



Michael is the producer of all things digital within the Selking Performance Group. His passion to help others communicate their life’s work with the world and his production expertise have made him a perfect partner through his company Truth Work Media.
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From our podcasts to our website to our social media presence, Michael manages the production and execution of our online presence, and continually challenges us to be innovative, creative, and compelling as we strive to help individuals, teams, and organizations from the LockerRoom to the BoardRoom Build Championship Mindsets!


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