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Keynotes are customized to your team or business to shift paradigms of thought, ignite a spark in your organization, and begin building championship mindsets. Dr. Selking has served as a keynote and a motivational speaker for a variety of groups, most notably as an annual guest at the Lou Holtz Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame event in Ohio. Through an engaging, personal approach, Amber has the ability to connect on an individual level, even within large group settings. Her passion, experience, and genuine love of life and people are infectious; participants note that they leave with a renewed belief in their potential, refreshed sense of purpose, and a spark to achieve the greatness of which she often speaks.


From building mindsets that lead to more personal and professional success, to developing systems that are more conducive to facilitating performance excellence, to leadership development which helps sustain results, training workshops bring the power of performance psychology to life in your team or business. The Selking Performance Group offers the following training models:

  • Customized Group Training, including half-day, full-day, or multiple-day sessions for groups and teams.
  • “Mindset Minutes” Training, including hour-long, topic-specific sessions for a group or team facilitated over lunch, as part of a speaker series, etc..
  • MasterMind Group, including a weekly session for a contracted length of time that brings together a small group of individuals to work through particular developmental materials.


Problem-solving with you in mind. With sustainable performance excellence as the goal, we analyze current state operations, develop future state aspirations, and Build Championship Mindsets to close the gap to excellence. Our consulting process is founded on current-state operations: we seek to understand the culture, strengths, challenges, opportunities, and threats that exist. From this position of understanding, we then collaborate with team members to flesh out the culture, optimize strengths, manage challenges, capitalize on opportunities and mitigate threats, while always keeping the overall vision, mission, values, and goals of the client in clear sight. The hypotheses and insights derived are shared with team leadership, and then recommendations of tangible action plans are presented. The Selking Performance Group can also be contracted to work alongside the client to ensure the “game plan” is optimized throughout the implementation phase.


Individualized coaching for professional or personal growth and development. Strong rapport between coach and client becomes a powerful driver for lasting change, improvement, and positive engagement with life. While speaking provides a spark and training provides the material and framework around which to grow strong teams and organizations, professional and personal coaching provides the ongoing support, guidance, and dialogue that leads to sustainable, lasting change. Often, our coaching services are paired with our speaking or training services to increase the retention rate of shared information and provide reinforcement for the call to transformation we give our clients.

With a team of experienced, passionate coaches on staff, we look forward to partnering with you as you navigate the opportunities and challenges that work, sport, and life present. 


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