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Winning is a lifestyle. And even when we are dealt what may seem to be a short hand, if we adopt the mindsets and principles of winning into how we live our lives, we too can achieve our dreams and BE a winner.


Build the patterned ways of thinking and living like a winner in every aspect of your life.


Get an inside look at fundamental leadership principles it takes to optimize a team through leadership transitions.

Performance Psychology

Gain valuable insights on the traits it takes to make one’s dreams become a reality.

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Winner's Circle

Zip the Bee Book 2
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About The Author

the author

Dr. Amber Selking

From the LockerRoom to the BoardRoom, Dr. Selking trains teams in the scientific fundamentals that are depicted in this short story about a victorious little bee who seeks to positively transform the lives of others. Follow her journey as she trains others on how to make it to the Winner’s Circle!

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