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Dr. Amber Selking

Founder, Performance Consultant

Dr. Amber Selking is a performance consultant and the founder of the Selking Performance Group. She works to emphasize the power of Mindset and Leadership to drive lasting change in businesses, on athletic teams, and in individual lives. Amber’s dynamic and individualized approach to enhancing performance helps clarify vision, create championship team cultures, and achieve sustainable results. Amber received her PhD in applied sport psychology, with an emphasis in positive psychology and the effect of brain functioning on performance. Her research and applied work revolve around human performance including leadership, mindset development, transitions, masculinity, and mental toughness. From the LockerRoom to the BoardRoom, Dr. Selking is committed to helping teams and organizations build systems that are conducive to performance excellence and Building Championship Mindsets in your people!

Dr. Steve Graef

Sport Psychologist, Mental Performance Coach

Dr. Steve Graef is a former Ohio State Football National Champion turned psychologist, dedicated to helping children, adolescent, & adult performers, employees, and athletes live the lives they want to live! His energy and genuine care for helping others navigate the mental and emotional aspects of performance are palpable, and he has worked with individuals in all domains to help them be their best and live fulfilling lives. Whether you are stressed out, anxious, down in the dumps, unmotivated, overwhelmed, or confused with life and seeking counseling, or whether you are wanting to learn to excel and make the most of your mental resources to crush life, Dr. Steve is committed to helping you Build Championship Mindsets!

Dr. Terry Linhart

Performance Coach

Dr. Terry Linhart has been training and coaching leaders for over 25 years. After getting his start in the nonprofit world, Terry’s coaching success has grown to include leaders in mission-driven businesses, sports franchises, and NGOs. Terry’s company, Arbor Research Group, provides data-driven solutions to international and regional companies, organizations, and faith-based groups. Terry’s leadership, his experience in business and sports, as well as his wisdom and reputation as a careful listener, have contributed to his recognized effectiveness with clients. Dr. Terry helps clients with transitions, strategies, systems, and personal coaching, and his positive approach helps clients see immediate returns in performance and personal solutions as they are Building Championship Mindsets!

Kaelene Curry, M.A., LPC-C

Mental Performance Coach

Kaelene is mental performance coach for athletes of all ages, from aspiring youth to professionally competing athletes. Her experiences as a Division I college softball athlete and assistant coach have afforded her an intricate understanding of both competition and coaching others to deliver when it matters most. Kaelene also serves as a mental health counselor and a psychological health liaison in a college athletic department. She has discovered that what goes on between the ears can often “make or break” an athlete’s career and overall athletic experience; thus, her goal is to help “make” successful careers by “breaking” down the mental game and Building Championship Mindsets!

Ashley Braun

Nutrition Performance Coach

Ashley is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, committed to helping people of all ages and all professions understand and leverage the power of nutrition to live healthy, happy, and productive lives. What goes into our body impacts every aspect of our functioning, and thus, our performance. Ashley takes an individualized approach with each client, helping them understand their current nutritional landscape, build a plan for health and wellness, and gain access to professional resources in your area. She uses whole foods, vitamins, supplements, and other complementary methods such as yoga, chiropractic, etc. to develop a plan to help you feel and deliver your best. Whether you are working toward weight loss/gain, managing anxiety, fighting fatigue, combatting high cholesterol or blood pressure, or just seeking to improve your overall health, Ashley is ready to equip you with knowledge, products, resources, and encouragement to Build Championship Mindsets around your nutritional needs!

Michael Yoder, M.M.


Michael is a professional story teller. He quit his day job to live a better story and now helps others do the same. He believes that everyone story has greatness, and he helps others share their greatness to the world. Michael help people create podcasts, speaks, teaches, and create websites. He longs to walk along side of people and encourage them to live a story that is worth sharing. A lot of his days are spent meeting with people over coffee and helping people dream. He’s found that most people have a story they are longing to create or be a part of, but often they need help getting there. That’s what he does. He helps people live into the greatness of their story.

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