The Championship Mindsets around Adversity & Failure

Win Anyway.

“Well, the weather was miserable so my timing was off.” “I was really sore from our workouts and my hips just felt tight.”  “The refs were terrible. Fairly certain the other team paid them off.”  “I just wasn’t feeling it today.” Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter...
The Championship Mindsets around Adversity & Failure

Slow Dance in the Fast Lane

29 days already into the New Year. 29 days!! 696 hours have already transpired since 2016 ushered itself in during the midst of College Football Bowl season, and it forces us to consider, “How productively have I used the last 29 days of this month?” The beauty of...
The Championship Mindsets around Adversity & Failure

Vision of a Champion

With one week of fall camp down and pre-season rankings released, fans across the country are already anticipating what teams will hold the Championship trophy at the end of the season. Although not one official game has yet been played, murmur about upcoming stars,...
The Championship Mindsets around Adversity & Failure

Don’t Just Look…See.

In today’s world of technology where information and access are nearly instantaneous, the human attention span has decreased to a mere 8 seconds: one second less than a shimmery goldfish who registers in at 9 seconds. Speed, efficiency, and fast-processing are not...


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