At the core of personal identity work is this concept of leadership; personal leadership that ultimate leads to the capabilities to lead others. My heart beats for our athletic community because I see this as a massive breeding ground for revolutionary leaders in our society, in our families. And therefore, I find leadership development deeply important to everyone in our world.
So why leadership?

I believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. We can talk vision, mission, values and goals, but unless we have leadership to implement these, we have nothing. We can develop ideas, designs, forecasts, and strategies, but unless we have leadership to execute these, we have nothing. We can desire change, passion, purpose, and greatness, but unless we have leadership to guide us to these places, we have nothing. If we distill any field, from business to athletics to families to our individual lives, we will indeed extract the essence of its ultimate success: leadership.

But the truth is, we desperately lack leadership – in our schools, in our government, in our businesses, on our teams, and in our homes – from our men, to our women, to our children. We are having a personal identity crisis at every level of our society, and this lack of self-understanding is leading us to a place of mediocrity, contentment, and acceptance of “normal.” As Roosevelt so eloquently stated, we are living in a culture of “those poor and timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat.” This is unacceptable. I do not believe that we have been called and created to live in a world where good enough is good enough; where hard work isn’t rewarded and where it’s ok to not make difficult decisions.

We’ve been called to live life and live it abundantly – here and now – mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. I’m tired of seeing broken and hurt men and women living lives in fear, pain, and anxiety while simultaneously serving as the examples for the upcoming generations. This cycle must be broken, and we’ve been called to not only lead but to teach leadership and its foundational constructs that will implement vision, execute strategy, and guide us to true greatness.

So, that’s why leadership. Everything we do can come back to this. It’s a mindset, and we have to inspire the mindset of a leader – the mindset of a champion – if we expect change to occur in our country, our schools, our businesses, and our homes.

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