I was recently asked how one might come to know his passion.

Passion is inextricably linked to understanding one’s self.  Knowing ourselves in an intimate way leads to confident decision-making that aligns not only with our values but also with whom we believe we’ve been called and created to be.

The whole notion of “self-identity” seems very daunting, but the essence of intentionality can lead us to a deeper understanding of self in a relatively brief and painless way.  The more openly, passionately, and curiously we seek to know truth – about life and about ourselves – the more prone we are to find it efficiently, and indeed, gently.

Often it seems difficult for people to align their passion with their profession.  A large contributing factor is because many wait so long to truly seek to know themselves.  By the time we do, we often have obligations that make quick transitions difficult; we have scars that shade our purity of thought and optimism to change the world; we have decided that a life of comfort and ease makes more sense than the “childish” dream that stirs within our soul.  As Roosevelt once said, we become those poor and timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat…

I once heard calling defined as “where to the world’s deepest need meets our deepest passion.”  Have you ever thought about it from that perspective?

Truly, my deepest passion is to see men and women come to desire and pursue something greater for their lives; to get a get a taste of true greatness, to catch a glimpse of whom their potential is beckoning them to become, and to start aligning their actions with this vision.  When they discover their own identity, they begin to see how that falls into the daily purpose of their life, how the grind is actually worth something precious, and how everything they do and say truly matters to not only their own lives but to those they are fortunate enough to influence.

I used to drive my car onto campus at Notre Dame, park under the Golden Dome that was lit up in the night sky…and cry.  My heart broke seeing young men and women – seeing old men and women – who had no idea who they were or why they were here, and then making poor life decisions that I knew would hinder their progress to the immense potential I saw within their lives.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God can use even our worst decisions for good.  But I also believe that He doesn’t want us to make these decisions; that we can in fact expedite our path to the abundant life to which we’re called, minimizing the scars and baggage that are often accumulated along the way by simply seeking truth in who we who really are.

Find yourself. Find your passion. Find your calling.

And make some Greatness.


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