College athletics are a breeding ground for developing leaders of American society.  Unfortunately, however, because leadership is rarely being intentionally taught and developed within student-athletes through systematic, process-driven, and research grounded approaches, the core knowledge, skills, and abilities of leadership are not being instilled within them.  Subsequently, college athletics are not fundamentally preparing this population for the transformational influence it has the potential to exercise in America.

Leadership is a mindset – and we have to inspire and teach the championship mindset of a leader if we expect change in our country, in our schools, in our homes, in our businesses, and on our athletic teams. Collegiate athletic programs are one place where such transformation can begin.

Although the analogies run deep between sport and life and transferrable skills abound, unless these things are explicitly identified, clearly taught, and intentionally integrated into athletic teams, the potential for that transfer diminishes significantly.  Everything rises and falls on leadership, and because of this, I believe collegiate athletics has an obligation to intentionally prepare its student-athletes to rise up in life and have a positive influence on themselves, their families, and their organizations.

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